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css, jekyll development

Working with the talented design team at AdHawk, I built a custom Bootstrap theme which is now shared by their website and product. Along with building their new website, I also built a style guide which features several custom components.

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Design Content Conference

css, statamic development

I've attended Design & Content Conference since it began and in it's 3rd year, they reached out to me to rebuild the conference website. This involved migrating the site from Wordpress to Statamic and implementing the new design. The result was a fresh new website that has been easy for the team to manage and promote throughout the year.

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Norcal Capital

design, branding, ux, css, statamic development

Norcal Capital needed a website to demonstrate their successful track record and extensive investment opportunities. Working with their team I helped them create their new brand and website to showcase the performance of their portfolio.

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Ludlow Ventures

css, statamic development, design

I worked with Ludlow Ventures to upgrade their site to Statamic 2. During this process we made some incremental design improvements to the featured company slider and typography.

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design, css, statamic development, ecommerce

I first began working with iHeart on their User Experience design during my days at Forge and Smith. Since then, I went on to build their ecommerce website and have continued to help them with design and development. In 2017, iHeart had a successful pitch on Dragon's Den and it's been rewarding to see how much they've grown.

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Compass Creative

css, statamic development

Compass Creative is a branding and marketing agency. I worked with their team to launch a stunning new website that's loaded with new content including fresh examples of their work.

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Sterling Bridge

css, statamic development

Working with Daoutova Creative, I developed the Sterling Bridge website that showcases their brand and services. The site features a minimalist design that emphasizes the brand's photogaphy.

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Mile One

statamic development, css

Partnering with Sid Williams, I developed the year in review Christmas card for Mile One Stadium. The site features a unique design to showcase the stadium's events during the year.

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design, ux, css, statamic development

Since 2015, I've been working closely with Chameleon to help their customers build better user-onboarding. What started as a website redesign project, became a close working relationship as I have continued to help their team improve their marketing efforts and user experience.

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Page Gauge

design, css

Open-source project built in a day during a hackathon with Chameleon.

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design, css, jekyll development

In 2015, I worked with the LaunchDarkly team to design and build their new marketing website.

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Conversion Marketing Glossary

css, wordpress development

I teamed up with the talented creative team at Unbounce to build the Conversion Marketing Glossary. The glossary features over 100 terms, related content and video. The site offered a lot of challenges including a hexagon mobile menu, live search and colour themes for each word definition.

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Tanya Pergola

css, statamic development, ecommerce

Tanya Pergola needed to add digital products to her ecommerce store. I worked with her to develop a members only area where her customers can order and watch digital content.

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Vancouver Christmas Market


While at Forge and Smith, I worked closely with the Vancouver Christmas Market to plan a site that would make it easy for visitors to get to know the market vendors and entertainers before they go to the market.

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Promo is a marketing platform that helps you sell your products and services from your mobile device with video. I worked with their team to help build the user interface for their web app.

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